The Medway Turkey Trot

Race FAQs

Does the race allow people to walk?

Absolutely! This is a family-friendly event and we welcome all levels to our race including walkers.

Are baby carriages allowed?

YES - BUT, The start on Adams Street is VERY tight with 1,200 runners. For your safety and the safety of other runners and walkers, we will require you to start at the back of the race.

Are dogs allowed?

NO. For safety reasons we ask that you please leave your dog at home.

Can young children walk/run the race?

Absolutely. The race was designed to be family friendly and in past events we've had children of all ages participate. If you expect to separate from your child during the race (probably because they run faster than you), just plan on a meeting place somewhere near the finish line.

Is it safe to run on these streets?

YES. The Medway Police Department does a great job at slowing and stopping traffic as the runners pass each street. Additionally, we have a large number of volunteers along the route to keep participants on course and to point them in the right direction. That being said, all participants should stay to the left as much as possible, not stray too far into the middle of the street, and do what is asked by the police and volunteers.

Am I guaranteed a T-shirt?

YES. But only if you register for the race by November 8th. There are no exceptions. The order for shirts must be placed on November 9th so that they are printed in time for number and T-shirt handout the weekend before the race.

Can I exchange my shirt for a different size if it doesn't fit?

NO. We order race shirts based on what you select when you register. If you take a size other than the one specified you are taking another runners shirt from them. If in doubt, go one size larger.

Where does the money raised in this race go?

Race proceeds are used to purchase uniforms and equipment for athletic teams at Medway High School and Medway Middle School. In the past 7 years, this has resulted in uniforms for over 20 different teams, many of which have both Home and Away sets. As these uniforms become worn, we will begin the purchase cycle anew.

If I cannot run or walk the race, are there other volunteer opportunities?

Absolutely. This race doesn't happen without the tremendous efforts of our volunteers. From number and t-shirt handout to race day registration, parking, water station and course management there are many opportunities to assist. If you would like to volunteer please contact the race committee at

Can I pickup my number before the race so I can sleep later on Thanksgiving morning?

YES. We highly encourage early pickup because it will make race day morning that much less hectic for everyone involved. Numbers and shirts will be handed out in the Medway High School lobby on Saturday morning (11/23) from 9-12, and on Monday and Tuesday night (11/25 & 11/26) from 6-8.

Can I pickup a number and t-shirt for someone else?

YES. We highly encourage this as well. We do ask that you please make them aware that you are doing so.

Where do I show up on the morning of the race?

The race starts at Medway High School. There will be parking attendants to help direct you to open parking spaces. After parking feel free to join us in the gym (open at 6AM and is located in the back right of the school building) to stay warm and catch-up with friends and family. The race begins promptly at 7:30 AM. Runners and walkers will be directed to start to line up in the driveway at 7:15.

What time should I plan to arrive?

We recommend 6:45-7 for those that have already picked up their number and t-shirt. If you need to register or pickup then we recommend arriving closer to 6:30 to allow yourself plenty of time to prepare for your race.

How will I know my official time?

We use a chip on the back of your bib number to track when you go over a mat at the start and finish of the race. From this your time is computed automatically. For this reason, there is no need to push to get to the from of the pack. It is best to go out with others running your same pace. We will have signs posted for various paces (i.e. 8 minutes per mile, 10 minutes per mile, etc.) at the start of the race. The race results will be posted in the gym at the end of the race and you can also find them online on the Race Results tab of this site. Additionally, you can search for the race on the 3C website.

What are the team names used for?

Teams consist of five or more runners who all race together at the same time with other teams. The times of the top five finishers from each team are added together. The team with the lowest total time wins a cash or merchandise prize.